Sing Over America is postponed...

April 10, 2020, Dallas, TX - Two weeks ago we published a statement on our websites, regarding the status of our national worship gathering 'Sing Over America'. At that point the Comerica Center was forced to cancel all events, including 'Sing Over America'. As a result both the websites of the Comerica Center and Ticketmaster have listed the event as cancelled, while starting to refund all tickets. Meanwhile we have been looking for an alternative location, while hoping that the measures of the CDC would soon be lifted. As we all know, soon afterwards these measures were once again extended, until April 30th.

With the extended measures it has become virtually impossible to gather at May 7 & 8. Therefore we have to announce that those dates are indeed cancelled as of now. Sing Over America will not take place on May 7 & 8, not in the Comerica Center and not at a different location. However, this doesn't mean that the entire event is cancelled. The vision is still very much alive and our team is currently working around the clock to find another suitable location, to maintain the lineup as far as possible and to set new dates in the nearby future, before the elections take place. It is our aim to reschedule the event for late summer or early fall. We know that God gave us the vision for 2020 and it shall happen yet this year.

From a practical point of view, all those who have booked their tickets via Ticketmaster will be refunded by Ticketmaster. This also means that you'll have to book new tickets for the rescheduled 'Sing Over America' gathering. For those who have bought printed tickets from us personally, these will remain valid for the rescheduled event. It is possible to return these tickets to us and to request a refund, but you can also hold on to them. If any of this information is unclear to you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Your support
This national worship gathering has the aim to sing over the various regions of America, so that principalities and powers will be destroyed and the intensity of the Holy Spirit will increase to unprecedented levels. We believe that this is a big event that is going to change the spiritual tone of our country. It also means that this is and will continue to be a spiritual battle, even during all the preparations that are being made. Therefore, your support is essential to us. Please keep this event, the preparations and all the people involved in your daily prayers, while applying the Blood of Jesus. If you have a Christian business or ministry, please consider becoming a sponsor. Together we can stand in agreement and make this happen, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

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