Sing Over America Revived: Christian Leaders Unite in Dallas, TX

On October 29th  and 30th, Don Moen, Paul Wilbur, Terry MacAlmon, Brandon Roberson and Gateway Worship will unite in Dallas, TX for a national worship gathering, in the Plano Event Center. The initiator of this event is Christian recording artist and worship leader Terry MacAlmon. At the beginning of this year, Terry announced that he had organized a national worship gathering, called ‘Sing Over America’. The event was to take place in May. When Covid-19 struck, the event was cancelled and all tickets refunded. Yet Terry had no peace to just let this event go. Last week he finally found a suitable venue and Sing Over America was revived.

The vision for Sing Over America was born during 2019, when the Lord instructed Terry to gather the worshipers from coast to coast. Hearing this instruction, he knew this was for the sole purpose of exalting the name of Jesus over the entire nation. Jesus said: “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” He was speaking of the cross at that time, but it carries the same meaning today.

Terry MacAlmon: “We believe there is a battle raging in the U.S between good and bad, right and wrong, just as the Word of God promised would happen in the last days. We are following King Jehoshaphat's model of sending the singers and musicians out in front of the army. We believe God will destroy principalities and powers, rulers of darkness, as we lift up the name of Jesus in praise and worship over our land.

Terry will be joined by Don Moen, Paul Wilbur, Brandon Roberson and Gateway Worship. Even though this is by no means a political event, the aim was to have this take place before the elections. That aim is about to become a reality. Only last week, by the grace of God and through what Terry is terming a “midnight miracle”, he succeeded in finding a suitable venue. The Plano Event Center offers the ability to have the event and to comply with the current safety regulations at the same time. Let’s exalt the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the United States of America, offering Him His rightful place and establishing His rulership. For such a time as this.

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