2022 - The Battle is the Lord’s

As I sit here pondering the events of recent history and looking forward into the new year, I can’t help but thank God for His faithfulness and put my whole trust in Him for whatever is coming down the pike in the months ahead. As much as we tend to over think and even worry about “next”, the battle truly does belong to the Lord. That’s what God told Jehoshaphat as he considered the army in front of him, even with odds that were quite unfavorable. With God on his side, did it really matter the size of the opponent?

I just completed an eight month studio project called Your Kingdom Come. At times, it felt like a burden too great to continue in….but God. He showed up time and time again when my strength was gone. The mental attack from the enemy’s camp can be so enhanced during seasons of recording - until I realize that this is God’s project and God alone will be glorified when it’s complete. Therefore, the battle belongs to the Lord. This thought brings me comfort even now.

Liz and I, like many if not all of you, have lost close friends and loved ones in the past year due to the covid virus or some other disease. We are battling in faith for the health of close friends right now. Sometimes you just want to quit….until you realize, the battle belongs to the Lord. His children are - HIS CHILDREN. And in reality, whether any of us live to a hundred or die tomorrow - we ARE the Lord’s! We are to do what we can - stand in faith, believing for victory and taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. But beyond that, it’s in His hand, and we will do well to leave it there.

Our nation is up against the forces of darkness like never before. Our very freedom is being threatened in ways we’ve not experienced in our nearly 250 year history. It’s as if our constitution means almost nothing these days as evil minded men and legal authorities ignore it’s law with regularity. What are we to do? Is this a hopeless cause? It would be, except…the battle belongs to the Lord. We will stand on His word, and trust Him with our lives. Our faith may waver here and there but when you realize that He can bring victory out of ANY situation, then you can find peace and rest in His care….because He careth for you.

Looking ahead, we are launching our second chapter of Sing Over America. This is a national worship gathering for the purpose of establishing the Lordship of Jesus again in our land. It shall happen in September and we will need God’s help in a big way. Thankfully, we know this is of Him so we’re going full speed ahead and trusting Him to put all the pieces in place for this ultra important assembly. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. AMEN!

Friends, I’m so grateful for you. Every week on our Youtube program - An Hour With Jesus, I am keenly aware of touching so many around the world with His presence. I’m humbled to even think about it. Thank you for standing with us and we will continue this as long as we feel a green light for it. I know that each and every week there are those tuning in who are desperate for victory in one area or another. I hope all of you realize that your battles are His battles. Continue to hand your life over to the One who knows how to run it and things will be just fine.

One thing to remember in 2022; nothing happens on this planet but by the permission of it’s Owner. If that realization gets deep down in our spirits, we will approach everyday with a calm and confident trust. Tribulations will come - we’re assured of that. But so will victories because He has already overcome the world. Praise God for the end of the book! Whatever you are facing, be it a physical, financial or spiritual challenge, put it in the hands of the only One who knows the end from the beginning. Then leave it there. For truly, for the believer, every battle belongs to the Lord. Lead on, Captain!

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