Life in America, 2015…..the sun is setting in the west

Sitting at my desk doing much thinking today. I am by nature a very positive person. Anyone who knows me knows that to be true. Once in awhile I face a reality check just because it's necessary for my own perspective. Here is a synopsis of those thoughts.

I think it's time we stop calling the terrorists of ISIS "Muslim extremists". In reality they are Satanists, allbeit without even knowing or labeling it as such. They are deceived by the devil and doing his work. Their hatred for Christianity and Judaism can hardly lead to me to any other conclusion. In reality the entire Islamic religion is evil. Any religion that promotes killing innocent people in hideous and torturous ways is a satanic religion. It is false and it is perverted and it is inhumane. Our President cannot (or chooses not to) see the truth and act accordingly, which further complicates the situation. We have lost our place of leadership and as the moral compass in the world and the jury is out on whether or not it will ever return. We are seeing a steady decline in morality as right has become wrong and wrong has become right, confirming the words of scripture. Each week it seems that a few more grains of sand of our religious freedom have dropped through the hourglass of secularism. Racial tension is higher than anytime in the last 50 years. Our economy is in an all time mega-mess, with 90 billion dollars being pumped into Wall Street every month to keep the markets artificially alive. Healthcare premiums are already way higher than we've ever seen, and are going to continue to rise in the coming year and the following year, making it almost impossible for small businesses to survive, let alone the struggling family on limited income. A recent economic report states that 51% of working Americans earn less than $30K/yr, which for a family of 4 is below the poverty level. The reportedly low unemployment rate is a lie, as so many people have stopped looking for jobs, and full time employment has caved in to millions of part time jobs to help owners bypass healthcare. Congress as a whole is more concerned about their own job security than the good of the country and therefore has no backbone to make the right decisions for our future. This is no longer the America of our fore fathers, or even the America of our youth. Our neighbor to the north, Canada, just lost much of their freedom with a Godless ultra-liberal leader elected to office. In many ways, I, along with millions of others, long for yesterday. My prayer is this; "God, have mercy on us one more time, please. Give us a President who honors You and Your ways above himself or any other thing. Give us a Congress full of people of integrity and courage. Raise up spirit and truth worshipers that will gather in mass to worship Jesus and claim Him as King over our land. Return the glory of Your presence to the church - we’ve lost our way. We need help Lord, right now. We’re in trouble, we really are. Yes God, have mercy on us one more time, please, in Jesus’ name.” 

I fear the sun may be setting in the west. I hope I’m wrong. 

As a side note, and this was not my reason for this blog, the CD we just released is called The Refreshing, Vol 1. It is without a doubt a timely project because of all I’ve stated above. People are writing me and telling me that tears carry them from beginning till end of the album. A special song “Hymn for the Martyrs” was written to presently honor those who have been slain for the cause of Christ. I hope the reader of this will take advantage of this latest gift from heaven to us. The Father cares…He really does.

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