Your Kingdom Come - Terry MacAlmon (CD Album)

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  • Your Kingdom Come - Terry MacAlmon (CD Album)

Your Kingdom Come - Terry MacAlmon (CD Album)

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This beautiful new album from Terry MacAlmon lets you enjoy wonderful moments in the presence of God. Order your copy today!

Terry MacAlmon: “This is Kingdom worship. What do I mean by that? Well, to me Kingdom worship is heartfelt anointed praise found in songs like "Lord You've Been Good" and "Goodness of God". Kingdom worship is intimate anointed love songs, like "I Have Found the One", "Oh the Beauty", "I Love You, Lord" and "There Will Never Be". Kingdom worship is the explosive anointed petition of "Your Kingdom Come" which captures the longing heart cry of the body of Christ today.”

This album, like all my others, is for two: Him and them, or in this case, He and thee. May HE bless THEE with a fresh visitation of His presence, over and over again as you listen and worship with us. An most of all, Jesus, let Your Kingdom Come and Your will be done... TODAY!”


  1. Greeting
  2. Lord, You've Been Good
  3. I Surrender All
  4. I Have Found the One
  5. I Want to Fall in Love
  6. Oh The Beauty / I Love You Lord
  7. There Will Never Be
  8. Goodness of God
  9. Teach Us Oh Lord
  10. Your Kingdom Come
  11. Bonus: Someday
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