You're My Glory - Terry MacAlmon (MP3)

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  • You're My Glory - Terry MacAlmon (MP3)

You're My Glory - Terry MacAlmon (MP3)

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You’re My Glory captures a glorious visitation of God’s presence at the 2004 Pikes Peak Worship Festival. “I chose the song ‘You’re My Glory’ to title this album because I am so moved by the Lord being the constant of our lives,” Terry said. “No matter what comes my way, there is One who is the lifter of my head.”

Track List: 

  1. Made Me Glad
  2. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  3. Praise Him
  4. To See Your Face
  5. Holy, Holy, Holy!
  6. Come Unto Me
  7. In the Presence
  8. You're My Glory
  9. I Exalt Thee
  10. I Surrender All, Lord

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